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Animaniacs was, and is, a hilarious cartoon which ran from 1993 to 1998, about the adventures of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner. Slappy Squirell, Pinky and the Brain, the Goodfeathers, and Mindy and Buttons, along with other characters, also had their own segments alongside the Warner siblings. Here at this ratings community, you can fill out an application and find out which character matches your personality!

Basic Application Rules

1. When posting your application, please use an LJ-cut. If you're posting anything other than a ratings application, please oh please use an LJ-cut as well if it's going to be over a short paragraph.
2. For applications, type in the subject line, "Monkeys always look!". That way, the mods will know you've at least skimmed the rules. If you don't put that on your application, you'll be locked inside the Water Tower for good! Actually, the mods will just whack you with a mallet and ask you to change your subject line.
3. After you post an application, it may take awhile for a mod to stamp you, so be patient! Every application must have at least 8 votes on it (or must be up for 6 days) to be stamped. If you have to wait for votes, be courteous and rate other people in the meantime. That way everybody's happy and the ratings process can go quicker. Remember, "rate others as quickly as thou wouldst want them to rate thou".
4. For pictures, please do NOT post up anything that is inappropriate. Don't post anything that'd make your mother spew.
5. When you get your stamp, please host it on your own site or photo account, or Ralph the guard will catch you for stealing bandwidth!
6. When stamping someone else, please bold the name of who you're stamping them as. It makes it easy for mods to count the # of votes.

The most important rule is to stay active! Don't be a leech. Rate other people and contribute to the community.

Basic Member Rules

1. You can post anything you want here that's Animaniacs related after you've submitted an application. Just remember that this is a ratings site, not solely an Animaniacs community. No spamming, either. We ALL know that the DVD is finally out, okay?
2. Promote the community! We want our name to spread far and wide. By placing banners in your journal entries or info, you can spread the word super fast.
3. I will NOT tolerate flaming or any tomfoolery on this site. You will definitely be ousted from the community if you start to cause a ruckus, but don't worry, because it'd have to be something pretty mean to get kicked out.
4. HAVE FUN! Don't think of this as serious or anything. Stamps are objective, which means that sometimes people will make a few errors in guessing your personality. If you get stamped as Chicken Boo, for example, it doesn't mean you're a giant chicken who dresses up as people. It probably means that you're very stealthy, or that you have a very complex personality. And remember, you can always try for a re-stamp.


You can see all of the stamps here. If you think that there should be another character added, comment on the stamps list and we'll try to add another stamp. Remember, though, that we're not going to take stamps like Steven Speilburg or Elmyra. A character like Mr. Skullhead or Larry would be okay.

If you are stamped with a character you really hate, just wait a month after the original date of your last application and repost.

Stamped Members

Click here for a complete list of all stamped members.


This is to, select, copy, and paste to your application. Fill it out and don't forget the subject line for validation!


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If you want to be an affiliate, contact any of our mods or leave a post in the community. No spamming, please. It makes us sad.


If you'd like to submit a banner to advertise the site, by all means please make one and send it to the moderators. We'll post it here for everyone to use.

Animaniacs is © Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. I ain't makin' a profit on this here site, folks. I'm just here to entertain the masses.